Our VIP at the Hedgehogs and Hibernation talk on Oct 26th

First I would like to thank everyone who braved the first onslaught of winter on Friday the 26th October and came to the Hedgehog and Hibernation talk by Alison Person. I think everyone now has a better understanding of how to look after hogs in their gardens, but I am sure I speak for everyone when I say that the highlight of the evening was getting to meet this little critter in this photo. His name is Tweed and he sat very obligingly in Alisons hands for most of the evening. Presumably he knows all there is is to know about hedgehogs, or maybe he had just heard the talk before, but he was very chilled out.

On a personal note I very much enjoyed the moment that Alison put him on the ground and he took off along the skirting boards of the centre in search of food, freedom or ladies. None of which he found sadly, but his little dash might have helped clean up some of the cobwebs and dust that decorates the centre. Every little helps.

Next on the KLAWED agenda is the small matter of our BIG KAILZIE WILDLIFE QUIZ on Friday the 16th of November. It is so big it needs capital letters to fully convey it’s bigness. With this quiz we will weed out the boys from the men, who knows their lesser spotted woodpeckers from their greater spotted woodpeckers, and who has managed to get mobile phone reception in the osprey centre. With regards to the latter we would be lucky to actually be respresented within a square on an ordnance survey map in that centre. It is like the Bermuda Triangle of Scotland. The bugs that live inside the centre have great trouble getting credit cards as their postcode is not recognised. The mice that have been sneaking in to eat the biscuits and toilet roll (random but yes they like it) do not have their names on the electorol roll. So mobile phones will be useless!

I do love a pub quiz, as I am sure many of you do too. But be warned, this is not your average quiz. As it is at Kailzie it will be quirky and although it is a wildlife quiz, even Attenborough would be hard pushed to get 100%. Wildlife knowledge will help, but it is not essential. In addition, unlike a pub quiz there will be no bar as soberness will be required to concentrate on  the task at hand, and also to drive you back home afterwards. There will be refeshments provided though and nibbles a plenty to keep the brain ticking over.

The winning team will be awarded with the first ever BIG KAILZIE WILDLIFE QUIZ trophy, which will be a delightful centrepiece for any office, livingroom or rabbit hutch.

Entries for the quiz can be made via email to me at kailzieofficer@gmail.com or by calling 07792033331. It costs £10 to enter a team and we allow 4 people maximum on a team (partly due to tiny tables!).

Friday November 16 at 7pm

So off you go to get swatting up, although with the natural world being quite a large subject I am not sure where you would start.

Hope to see you all soon at the BIG KAILZIE WILDLIFE QUIZ 2012!


KLAWED Project Officer at Kailzie


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  1. luis says:

    Great Quiz! thank you for organising such a great night!

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