Frogs being frogs on Sat 13th April

Well for those of you who read my weekly Peebleshire column, you might be aware that I talk about the weather all the time and how awful it is. Like a true Scot through and through. Even when I attempt to speak Spanish I still only manage a few mumbles about the fact that it isn’t raining and then tell people that in Scotland it rains “mucho mucho”. And it is “muy frio” (cold).
However this week I have had no reason to grumble in English or Spanish because the temperature has risen, the sun has keeked out a few times, and the wildlife is finally doing interesting wildlifey things. Like building nests, mating, laying eggs (see Di’s Tweed Valley Osprey blog) and appearing within the range of my eyesight. Normally I miss all the wildlife because it is being a bit sneaky and staying away from me, but now mating frogs have no choice but to carry on with their business while I approach for a closer look. Ha ha! 1-0 to me wildlife with your quite unfortunate necessity to take advantage of any little spots of decent weather we have to reproduce and raise young as efficiently as possible so as not to ruin your chances of passing on your vital genes. Still… 1-0 to me!!!!

I thought that it was about time that I start putting some videos of what is happening flora and fauna wise at Kailzie ( if it is videos of real human beings you want then I suggest you go watch ITV2). I will post a link to these videos through this blog as I am not actually able to upload videos here, just photos (and even they don’t upload half the time. Sadly you will never see my photo of a humpback whale swimming up the Tweed). The first video is a bit of a sad one, but still video worthy none the less and is of a little long tailed tit that I was able to film hopping around on the round at Kailzie a couple of weeks ago. It was clearly injured but not so badly that it couldn’t still manage to out hop me.

Heres the link :
You might need to copy and paste this into your browsers!!! Sorry guys!

The videos I will put up links to are all made by myself using the most basic yet accessible equipment. Although they are not worthy of being televised, praised or even admired they are records of what I see, what I like, and stories that I want to convey. Which to me is the most important part of wildlife film making. Shakey cameras and heavy background breathing are all part and parcel of it! These are the type of films you could be making too if you come along to one of our Wildlife Film Making workshops at Kailzie. Really simple and really fun.

Coming soon…….
An exciting video showcasing the fab wildlife we had on display at Kailzie last weekend (April 13th) and a report on our fasctinating moss ID workshop with Julie “my heart skips a beat whenever I enter a bog” Smith (TCV Nautral Talent Bryophyte Apprentice). All will be explained tomorrow in the next exciting installment of the Kailzie Wildlife Blog!!!!

Over and out
KLAWED Project Officer


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