by Lucy Mackenzie

by Lucy Mackenzie

by Lucy Mackenzie

by Lucy Mackenzie

by Lucy Mackenzie

by Lucy Mackenzie

by Lucy Mackenzie

by Lucy Mackenzie

by Lucy Mackenzie

by Lucy Mackenzie

I have never seen a group of children get quite so excited about a mouse!

On a lovely autumnal day a couple of weeks ago four keen youngsters joined Steve Sloan and I for a few hours of wildlife photography at Kailzie. Needless to say all four massively surpassed my own photography skills and they all produced some brilliant photos.
With dangerous, raw, WILD, wildlife somewhat thin on the ground we focused our lenses onto some more obliging subjects. Mice, voles, caterpillars and flowers seemed to be more simpathetic towards the budding photographers, although the mice and voles may have taken a teensie bit of pursuading.

Here were the highlights of the day;

1) The discovery that everybodies cameras were capable of taking great photos

2) Iona almost beating Steve in the “teasle head” photo competition

3) Lucy acting as if she had never seen a mouse before (in fairness maybe she hadn’t)

4) Finding out that mice do not sit still and pose, and in fact do run away from you and hide

5) Finding out that dancing round said mouse while yelling excitedly also causes the mouse to run away and hide

6) Learning to focus on the eye of your subject. In this instance the beady eye of our mouse and vole

7) Christopher taking an epic “focused eye” photo

8) Lornas elation when her camera actually managed to take any photo at all (problems with an incompatable lens)

9) Learning how to compose your photos including blurring backgrounds for interest

10) Christopher adopting a caterpillar for the morning

11) Lorna, Christopher, Iona and Lucy eating ALL bar one of the animal biscuits. Leaving me one measly biscuit!

12) Discovering that when it comes to biscuit animals none of us have a clue what the animals are

13) Discovering that Christopher is the king of camouflague and then losing him in a hedge

14) Finding out that everyone took some brilliant photos and all the photos of the mouse were particularly good!

Well done to Iona for winning the prize biscuit with her perfectly composed and focused mouse photo.

Lucy has very kindly sent me her favourite photos from the day and so I have included these here in this blog entry. A star in the making I think! In fact all four of them were.

Keep on taking fantastic photos guys!


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